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Thursday, March 20, 2008

iPod Game

1. What does next year have in store for you? Battle Flag, Lo-Fidelity All Stars
-- Battles can't be good. Maybe I'll take some inspiration from this great line, though: "Got a revolution behind my eyes."

2. What does your love life look like next year? Don't Fake This, Chevelle
-- Wasn't Meg Ryan such a babe in "When Harry Met Sally"? I'm just sayin'.

3. What do you say when life gets hard? Float On, Modest Mouse
-- Surprisingly accurate for me, and the song is actually about rolling with life's punches. One of my favourites, in the perfect slot.

4. Song that reminds you of good times? Been Caught Stealing, Jane's Addiction
-- Oh, I love this one, both for the song itself and the memories. I was listening to this a lot in the early '90s, during a time when I cemented my closest friendships, and many of them were glued together by a shared love of music like this.

5. What do you think when you get up in the morning? Send the Pain Below, Chevelle
-- This is maybe just a little too close to home. I'm not a morning person, I haven't been getting enough sleep, and...yes, this one is exactly right.

6. What song will you dance to at your wedding? Dumb Animals, Handsome Furs
-- I guess a couple of these were bound to make no sense. I don't even know how this mediocre song made it onto my ipod.

7. Song that reminds you of your first kiss? Low Light, Pearl Jam
-- A great nostalgic song for me, and I guess low light is best for kissing...but I'm not seeing the connection.

8. Your favorite saying? The Night, Morphine
-- This is a double bummer because A) it makes no sense and B) listening to Morphine is always bittersweet for me.

9. Favorite place? Prisoners of War, Envy Corps
-- Had no idea this song was on my ipod, and it makes no sense here.

10. Most Missed Memory? And All That Could Have Been, Nine Inch Nails
-- I guess regret depends on memories, so this one kinda fits in a dark way. The way my memories are disappearing these days, I'm missing most of them.

11. What song describes your best friend? Day 1, Explosions in the Sky
-- Instrumental song, so can't read anything into the lyrics. Very steady, grounded, but rising to great heights. Hopeful and thoughtful, optimistic and beautiful.

12. What song describes your ex? Scum of the Earth, Rob Zombie
-- I swear I did not cheat the game to get this tidy little link-up. The last girlfriend I had before Tannis was the infamous Tabitha in Niverville, and she really was a serious piece of work...but this one would have been too harsh for all but the most hated exes.

13. Where would you go on a first date? Lights and Sounds, Yellowcard
-- To see a concert, maybe? Could be worse. Dating seems like a very abstract concept at this point.

14. Drug of choice? Twisted Transistor, Korn
-- Sounds like a decent street name for a top-notch hallucinogenic of some kind.

15. What song describes you? Ideoteque, Radiohead
-- If forced to choose, this might be my favourite Radiohead song, so I appreciate seeing it appear here with any connection to my personality...but it's a dark bugger, grim and claustrophobic.

16. What is the thing you like doing most? Fiddle and the Drum, A Perfect Circle
-- Playing music, perhaps? "Most" would be a stretch, but I do like it a lot.

17. The song that best describes the prime minister? Dragula, Rob Zombie
-- Those sunken eyes, the toothy fake-smile...I can see it. Stephen Harper's always creeped me out.

18. Where will you be in 10 years? Modern Love, Bloc Party
-- Sounds optimistic, future-focused...and love is always good. My favourite Bloc Party song by far, despite (maybe because it sounds exactly like Men at Work and I'm a child of the '80s.

19. Your love life right now? Night Windows, The Weakerthans
-- Such a gorgeous song, and really melancholy, but with a hopeful tone. It's definitely a look back to a better time, which is a temptation in this life stage, but I prefer to look ahead on this one.

20. What is your state of mind like at the moment? Losing My Religion, REM
-- A current spiritual crisis? Nah, but this type of over-analyzing introspection isn't too far off for my usual state of mind.

21. How will you die? The Great Beyond, REM
-- A slow slide into oblivion? Perhaps. "I'm looking for answers from the great beyond".