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Monday, April 02, 2007

Pungent Indie Rock

DJ Champion -- No Heaven (3.2mb from the band's page on the newly updated SXSW site)
There's not much in the way of variety, uniqueness or even anything resembling pre-written lyrics in this song. Seriously, the singer seems to just be wandering around belting out cool-sounding shit, mostly variations on the song's title. The same riff is repeated pretty much throughout the entire song as well, with only slight changes in volume and intensity. Boring drum machine loop. But the overall feel of the song is so danceable, so fun and so groovy that these criticisms would just be whining. The singer's sultry, bluesy yowling is the perfect match for the simplicity of the guitar riff -- the sound just works.

This video of a live performance of the song is really worth checking out too, unless you already saw them on the Junos (I missed it). Probably a one hit wonder, but you never know...maybe the band will survive after this bit of musical cotton candy has been consumed.


Anonymous smackmeister said...

headspacej! what's up man. haven't talked to you since webjay closed down. i always enjoyed your playlists. you should get on and start creating some over there. add me if you do.

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