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Thursday, February 22, 2007

That's Just Rank

Three More Shallows -- Night at the Knight School (3.1mb mp3 from the band's SXSW '07 page)
This is admittedly pretty weird stuff, and I won't pretend that's it for everyone. But if you're looking to be challenged by your listening a bit, I think a Night at the Knight School might be just what you need. It veers from sing-song fairy-tales in the first minute to frantic synth-driven chaos at the halfway point, then mellows out with a great melody and odd lyrics that stick in your head:

at the knight school, knight school
you doodle and you draw
anything, anything
except what you're taught
you got a bad tooth, bad tooth
so you clench your jaw
and you concentrate, concentrate
on the achin'
'cause it's keepin' you awake


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