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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pungent Indie Rock -- Catfight

Catlow -- Number One (2.4mb mp3 from Boompa) VS Metric -- Combat Baby (3.2mb mp3 from Better Propaganda)
A new feature here on Indie Scent that I'll probably forget to repeat, but I thought it might be fun. I love both of these songs, so there's no real loser, but I'll admit to rooting for Catlow as the indie underdog(cat?). I'd like to hear more smart, upbeat girl-fronted rock like this.

I'd be surprised if anyone thought Emily Haines wasn't awesome, and I think Combat Baby is a decent representative of Metric's best rollicking indie rock. It's fun and flawless, with enough attitude to keep it from getting old. In the other corner, we've got a relative newcomer from the other side of Canada with a similar sound. With just a touch of the Breeders, and maybe evoking a bit of Luscious Jackson with a driving bass rhythm, Number One thumps its way into your head and refuses to leave.

I leave it to you, loyal reader(s) to decide: who wins this catfight? Give both a listen and leave a comment.


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