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Monday, July 31, 2006

Heavier Aromas

Flyleaf -- I'm So Sick (3.4mb mp3 from the band's site)
I suppose that if these guys are opening for Korn, it's a serious stretch to consider them indie. The singer also sounds enough like Avril Lavigne to make any self-respecting indie rock fan reject this blog forever...but hear me out. You'll know in the first 19 seconds whether this rocks your socks or not -- 18 seconds of distorted bass with pretty minor-key female vocals (a la Evanescence), and then suddenly all hell breaks loose when the main guitars and drums kick in with a scream of doom.

This is very slick hard rock, carefully crafted and probably focus-target-market-grouped, but damn it's catchy. I appreciate the fact that they didn't give in to the urge to add some awful Linkin Park rap interludes; the only thing close to that territory is some dudes in the background doing that cheesy overdubbed screamo yell in the last half-minute, but despite their best efforts, it doesn't wreck the song.


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