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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Smells Mellow

Rose Melberg -- Golden Gate Bridge (1.8mb mp3 from Double Agent Records)
So yeah, I suppose I'm hopelessly biased in my love of Rose's music. We've been listening to her new album a lot and enjoying it immensely. I so agree with this interpretation of the review the album received from Pitchfork. I'll resist the urge to call the review's author an asshat (oops) and just assume he was having a bad day, since I can't imagine why he'd have a vendetta against Rose. There may be no better illustration of the uselessness of music critics -- why give the guy a forum to slag someone's personal expression and something other people love? Knowing how hard Rose worked on the album and how challenging it was for her makes it feel like only malice could compell someone to attack the results.

Anyway, this song is older, but it still provides a gorgeous soundtrack for reflective moments. You can listen to her newer stuff on her MySpace page.


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